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teapasar Gift Guide 2018
December 9, 2018

teapasar Gift Guide 2018

The Christmas gift-buying season has begun and we don’t know if you’re panicking, but we’re panicking. Between office secret santas, and gifts for friends and family, it can get a little overwhelming. But don’t panic (yet) – teapasar has got you covered.

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We hope that this post has give you some tea-riffic Christmas ideas! If you’ve got any suggestions for Christmas presents, let us know. 

But before we get there, something that I always remind myself while caught in terrible jams at Orchard Road a day before Christmas, or jostling for gifts for my nephews at Toys ‘R’ Us (who needs that many lego sets??) – and that is the anticipation of putting up the tree; Christmas dinners; conversations over roast; and meeting familiar faces. Not forgetting – that glimmer of happiness when someone opens their gift – making those 10 stores I went to on a quest to find something nothing less than perfect, worth it.

I hope the spirit of Christmas burns bright this year for everyone reading this!