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teapasar lifestyle: Craft-tea idea
July 28, 2020

teapasar lifestyle: Craft-tea idea

As we hunker down in our homes and reduce our social interactions, many of us have turned to DIY projects to help fill the void during the COVID seclusion. Almost overnight, we’ve become yogis, masterchefs, and the next Marie Kondo. There are seemingly endless choices of DIY projects available online – idiot-proof recipes to reduce food wastage, thoughtful hand-made gifts for that special somebody or even those thrift flipping hypes that kept you up (and binging) till 3 am at night.

However, amongst this sea of options, there is one particular craft-tea project that stood out to us – Teabag art!

Intrigued by the gorgeous art of New York-based artist, Ruby Silvious, team Teapasar would like to recommend this simple, fun and most importantly, eco-friendly craft idea to fellow tea enthusiasts of all ages.

To give a brief idea of how Silvious’s works look like, here are some examples that we thought were exceptionally eye-catching…or brew-tiful if you may.

Tea bags art, craft idea, two round teabags painted like a plate with fruits and vegetables

Making use of the shape of the teabag, you can try designing them into cute plates like these…

four teabags painted to look like folded men's shirts

…or folded shirts of different styles and colours!


Tearing the teabags open or arranging them with another will give you more space to colour and experiment so you can make some interesting collages and even curate a special little collection.

Although this is a DIY project inspired by the works of a real artist, you don’t necessarily have to be one to make these crafts. All you need are just some dry empty tea bags and a few art supplies to begin creating. Don’t believe us? Well you should, because we’ve gone ahead to try it out and saved you the trouble of planning the steps.

DIY simple eco-friendly sustainable craft idea using used teabags Singapore Teapasar art craft

Grab some materials, your good’ol cuppa and some friends to begin!

  1. Brew a cup of tea (or two)
  2. Take out the teabag and let it cool
  3. Remove the tea from the bag and wash out remaining bits
  4. Leave the teabag out to dry
  5. Pick out your favourite art supplies and start crafting
  6. Finish it off by framing it up or continue exploring with different colours, mediums and kinds of teabags

Take it from us and let your inner child run free; play with the textures and layers, use lines with simple geometric shapes or vivid splashes of colours; just let loose and see what you can come up with. We are sure no matter the result, you’ll have a merry time with this sustainable craft-tea project!