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Teh for your bae
February 12, 2019

Teh for your bae

Author’s note to our international friends – “teh” (pronounced ‘tay’, rhymes with ‘hey’) means “tea” in a familiar Chinese dialect, Hokkien.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can be hard to know what you get. Sure, you have the typical roses and chocolates, but what else can you get to show that you really care?

We’d recommend tea (surprise, surprise!). Apart from the fact that we love it and drink it by the gallon, tea and chocolate are actually great together. Here are some teas we think would make great gifts for your Valentine (or friends!).

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Dian Hong Gift Set, Parchmen & Co. ($26 for 6 tins of tea)


If you love tea and cats, Kittea’s Valentine’s Day gift set will be purrfect. This set contains two tins – The Sphnyx and Kitticorn. The Sphnyx is a blend of black with romantic rose petals and rosebuds, making it a lovely floral blend. Kitticorn is a sweet tisane made of chocolate and fruit! These two teas are sure to capture your heart.


Roses have never been so luxurious. Asmara combined french roses with bird’s nest for a sweet drink that helps with glowing skin. The pretty pink colour, combined with edible gold, also make this a sparkling present. If you want to bring things up a notch, consider getting their engraved wooden box, which is a set of four drinks, each formulated for taste and health.


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Cacao Tea and Chocolates, Benns (starting from $4.90 per bar of chocolate, and $9.50 for cacao teas)

Wondering what to get your sweet tooth lover besides chocolate? Try some cacao tea! Cacao tea is made with cacao husk and nibs, which is what chocolate is made of. And like bean to bar chocolate, cacao tea also has different taste preferences depending on the origin of their tea. 

You can also get chocolate from them at our teapasar Nomadx store!


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Macaron Travel Tea Set, Kindred Teas ($118, available in Blue, Green, Orange and Pink)

Make tea for two with this portable, pastel tea set! Each set comes with a teapot, a fairness cup (to prevent tea from overbrewing), two cups, and a bag. It’s the perfect gift for the tea-loving traveller and the perfect way to bond.


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Blooming Assortment Gift Set, Petale ($32 for 6 blooming teas, or $52 for 12 blooming teas)

Instead of ordinary flowers, why not give blooming teas? Each of these teas are handsewn and sourced from organic farms, making them beautiful and delicious. The Blooming Assortment gift set has six different blooms, and comes in two sizes: Petite (1 of each bloom) and Classic (2 of each bloom).


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Chocolates, SUCRE ($9.80 per bar)

Chocolate lovers will also like this one – Sucre has a line of organic, tea-infused chocolates! There’s Hanami, a chocolate with rose and cherry notes; Aurora, an earl grey chocolate; and Eden, a chocolate that evokes a gardenscape of exotic blooms. Each chocolate also has a recommended pairing – try having Hanami with Tinkerbell’s Kiss, Aurora with Chamomile Hibiscus, and Eden with Rose Oolong.


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First Love Black Tea, T3 ($29 for 16 teabags)

If you’re looking for something unique, why not try this black tea that’s meant to evoke memories of your first kiss. This straight black tea is a blend of Yingde black teas, a Chinese black tea that is loved all over the world.


This set is perfect for those who want something sleek and functional. The pot comes with two matching cups, giving you all you need to share a pot of tea. Not sure what tea to brew? The clear glass is perfect for blooming teas.


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Peonies Rose, The Tea Crafters ($18.90 for 20 teabags)

Here’s another romantic, floral blend for you! The Tea Crafters have created blend that combines with tea with peach and peony flower, creating a sweet and mellow tea that’s perfect for those lazy afternoons.

And these are our top 10 picks for Valentine’s day. Remember, the most important part of gifts isn’t what you buy, it’s the thought behind it, so as long as you’ve thought about why you’re buying this present, we’re sure that it’ll be well-received.