Blue Pea Green Tea

Blue Pea Green Tea

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Blue Pea Green Tea is a blend of the popular butterfly blue pea flower with green tea carefully selected by our tea tasters. This blend offers twice the goodness by combining the rich antioxidants of both green tea blue pea flower. You can add a little magic too. it by adding a few lemon drops and see the colour of tea change from blue to purple!

Ingredients: Green Tea, Blue pea flower.

Udyan Tea

We’re a tea consultancy and premium tea brand based in Darjeeling district, who believe that teas aren’t just beverages, they’re a lifestyle – a delicious medley of art and expertise. With the finest single estate teas sourced directly from the best gardens in the country and blends crafted in-house with diligent research and evaluation, our collection is unique and varied. Created by master tea tasters with over 15 years of tasting experience, our teas are on a crusade across the globe, with more than 20 million cups served in over 40 countries. We have not just pioneered the e-commerce tea experience in India but we take the art of tea brewing to a whole new level; aiming to provide tea lovers with the chance to discover a wide range of distinct, nuanced flavours in every cup!

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